Neue Veröffentlichung

Das INES hat eine neue Veröffentlichung im Rahmen des PHOTOPUR-Projekts.

Abstract (

An energy oriented design concept was developed within the research project PHOTOPUR which has the development of a PV powered water cleaning system as main focus. During a wine season Plant Protection Products (PPP) are several times sprayed on plants to protect them of undesired insects and herbs or avoid hazardous fungus types. A work package of the project partner INES in Offenburg led to a design concept introducing an energy profiling already in the early beginning of a product design. The concept is based on three pillars respecting first the requirements of the core process making up filtering and cleaning and secondary aspects which run, support, maintain and monitor the system to secure availability and product reliability. Finally the composed energy consumption becomes a product specific load profile. After analyzing product process and the energy supply conditions assumptions mainly using data sheets were taken to define media and energy flows. Single components and functional groups compose the load profile and are therefore monitored. In a parallel step local conditions of a photovoltaic energy supply were gathered to be included in the system model of a design tool. The tool should help to evaluate technical design parameters and viability. It also enables a view on economic efficiency of competing power supply configurations i.e. solar-battery-combinations. The presented paper shows that the results of the design tools guided the developers to assemble a functional model of the water decontamination unit which was manually tested with its concatenated steps of the water cleaning process.